Mini Museum Marvels

In 2013 we asked artists to respond to the "beauty, brutality and complexity of nature" in whatever medium they wanted, in whatever way they wanted, as long as it fitted within the confines of a matchbox.

We were blown away by the responses and are very pleased to now be able to show the resulting collection of mini museum marvels in our own tiny curious world. With pieces as diverse as the poetic Swansdown Shoes and Daisy Petal House of Sara Wicks, the creepy and cool 'Prince Bombus' creation of Matt Falvey, the regal gold cast harlequin ladybird of Sophie Main, and the fantastic 'Bug Box' mini-computer game by Bev Bush, you'd be a fool not to come see .... now which drawer did we put them in again!!

We will make sure to put photos of the selected pieces up on the website as soon as we get a chance... In the meanwhile come and see these wonderous entries in person at the Curiovan!

Our fabulous entries were judged by the internationally acclaimed artist Richard Wilson and the 1st prize was won by Sara Wicks with her beautiful entries Daisy Petal House and Swansdown Shoes.

Matchbox Microcosms Photo